Ceará Global ends program with panels on renewable energy

The second day of Ceará Global began with a panel on Ceará's new economies and renewable energies. One of the guests to discuss the topic was the Energy Consultant of the Federation of Industries of the State of Ceará (FIEC) and President of the Sectorial Chamber of Renewable Energies at the Development Agency of the State of Ceará, Jurandir Picanço.

Jurandir highlighted the potential that Ceará has as a developer of wind and solar energy in the country, in addition to being a pioneer in the segment. “Ceará stands out in the production of renewable energies, and is now also preparing to be a producer of green hydrogen. This is a technological option that has been found to accelerate the country's decarbonization process, in addition to reducing the risks caused by the increase in global temperature”, declared Jurandir.

Also on the panel were: Alessandra Grangeiro, Industrial Business Manager and Export Processing Zone – ZPE; Júlio Cavalcante, Executive Secretary of Commerce, Service and Innovation at the Secretary of Economic Development and Labor of Ceará; Clayton do Carmo,Head of Sales Angola Cables ; Silvio Carlos Ribeiro Vieira Lima, Executive Secretary for Agribusiness at the Secretariat for Economic Development and Labor of Ceará; Altamir Martins, CEO Finobrasa Agroindustrial (Vicunha Group). Angola Cables; Silvio Carlos Ribeiro Vieira Lima, Secretário Executivo do Agronegócio na Secretaria do Desenvolvimento Econômico e Trabalho do Ceará; Altamir Martins, CEO Finobrasa Agroindustrial (Grupo Vicunha).

Ceará kicked off to become an important HUB for the production and export of Green Hydrogen. The Australian company Energyx Energy, signed a memorandum for the construction of a fuel plant in the Industrial and Port Complex of Pecém (CIPP). The investment should be US$ 5.4 billion in the project over the next few years.

Green Hydrogen is obtained from renewable sources, such as solar energy and solar energy, without the emission of carbon. It is produced through electrolysis, being a sustainable practice and already adopted in several countries of the world. This technology is based on the generation of Hydrogen — a universal fuel — through a chemical process known as electrolysis. This method uses electric current to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen that exists in the water. For this reason, if that electricity is obtained from renewable sources, then the energy will be produced without emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The new technology, which has become one of the most important and debated in the international energy scenario, can produce clean energy applied to the most diverse areas such as industrial, hospital and household, in addition to being used as fuel for automobiles, effectively contributing to the global decarbonization movement, among others.

Ceará Global also highlighted topics such as “Tourism as an economic development strategy” and “Customs control in the Pecém complex: evolution and challenges”.

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This is the fifth edition of Ceará Global. The initiative, promoted by the Sectorial Chamber of Foreign Trade and the Brazil-Portugal Chamber in Ceará, brought together entrepreneurs, investors, class entities and representatives of the government.

Ceará Global Clusters is an event focused on the development of technology, energy generation, logistics and tourism sectors. The objective was to show the “world” that exists in Ceará and the presence of Ceará's products and companies in the international market.

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