Angola Cables presents innovative solutions at ABRINT 2021 to reduce latency in gaming servers by up to 70%

Angola Cables, a multinational in the ICT sector, will present two innovative solutions for the gaming market (IP Gamer and Go Gaming VPN) during the ABRINT 2021 National Meeting, which takes place from December 8 to 10, at the Frei Convention Center. Mug, in São Paulo. The Angola Cables stand will be located on the 5th floor, Gray sector, stand nº 27. 

IP Gamer is a dedicated traffic routing solution, which offers the internet operator significant latency reductions in IP routing, and which significantly improves the experience of Brazilian players when accessing gaming platforms, as it automatically selects the best routes between users and providers, whether for streaming, uploading and downloading games.

Through dedicated or premium connections between the main game servers, internet operators can already deliver Brazilian players a drastic reduction in latency or delay between 20% and 50%, which optimizes the responses to game commands. 

Go Gaming VPN is a high-performance OTT solution that uses multiple IP routes simultaneously, which guarantees excellent quality for online games. It is an application for Windows PC, which works as an internet GPS, combining redundancy of IP routes and protection against denial of service (DDoS) attacks to ensure smooth gameplay. With Go Gaming VPN, gamers can reduce latency (ping) by up to 70% and packet loss by up to 99% . The solution is supported by Angola Cables' global network, which has more than 500 servers in 98 countries, 24/7 support and access to more than 600 games

Among the benefits that Go Gaming VPN offers gamers are: 

- Multipath connection: connection packets are simultaneously forwarded through different routes, increasing the guarantee of packet delivery. 

– Boost: improves the response time of system peripherals to reduce system latencies. 

– Real-time optimization: the search for the best route is done in real time, keeping the player always on the best possible route. 

– Multi Internet Connection: it is possible to use two simultaneous internet accesses, ensuring the connection in case one of the providers fails 

The need for low latency 

According to the CEO of Angola Cables, Ângelo Gama, as a specialist in IP networks, Angola Cables has faced numerous challenges for products aimed at the online games, betting and financial transactions industry, where sensitivity to low latency is a critical factor, whether to play online games or to carry out financial transactions within the distributed gaming platforms. “In this aspect, Angola Cables is the operator with the capacity to serve the market in a global and differentiated way, with solutions that interconnect end-to-end Brazilian users or players to the points of accommodation and distribution of games in data centers, as well as facilitate the exchange of traffic inside and outside Brazil (Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia through partners)”, highlighted the executive. 

“With these innovative solutions, we are first enabling our internet provider customers connected to Angola Cables to contract this service, combining IP Gamer and Go Gaming VPN, and challenging our engineering to update routing tables in line with the evolution of the games, and at the end we are meeting the customer's need for low latency in this gaming industry and in other industries with similar gamified needs such as betting, and financial products, such as cryptocurrency. It all boils down to maximizing the low-latency experience in games or in updating the application online”, reinforced Gama. 

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