who we are?

A Angola Cables é uma multinacional com escritórios em mais de 7 cidades, 5 países e 200 colaboradores, de vários horizontes e culturas. Temos uma rede que cobre os 4 continentes do Atlântico.

Angola Cables is today a company prepared for the challenges of digitalization with infrastructure and human talent to operate in any market.

Deep Connection

A Angola Cables é uma multinacional de telecomunicações, tecnologia e conexões, com escritórios em mais de 5 países, 7 cidades e 200 colaboradores, de vários horizontes e culturas.

Our extensive and robust network is made up of 3 submarine cables on 4 continents on each side of the Atlantic. We provide dozens of countries with secure, high-speed, low latency quality connectivity.​

Innovation is in our DNA. We are always looking for new solutions to advance digital transformation using modern infrastructure and specialized human talent to overcome challenges to deliver world-class connectivity solutions to the international market.​

What is our Company's Mission?

Leading digital connectivity in the South Atlantic and boosting the growth of emerging markets.​

What are our Company Values?


We value our work and what we do. The manner in which each member of our team contributes to our shared goals is vital to the quality of our product and service delivery.

We are all connected as a team through the shared energy and pride we have in our company.​ We transform the impossible​ Into what is possible, because we are passionate about what we do.​


We understand the responsibilities we have as a business towards building a sustainable future for all. Our work, our engagement in social projects and our efforts in the markets and communities where we operate is guided by a shared belief in the sustainable use of resources…​

Because we are all connected to this planet - and taking care of it is everyone's duty.​


We believe that each one has unique characteristics, aptitudes and talent that differentiate us, yet binds us together in contributing to our shared goals.
At Angola Cables, each employee has a place to develop their skills. ​

It is the innovation, expertise, knowledge and talent of each member of our team that makes us a trusted brand. ​


We are committed to ethical and objective compliance with procedures and organizational goals.  
We manage our tool and resources using the most rigorous standards and certifications to deliver superior services to our business partners and clients.  
Our continued investment into advancing our knowledge and creating talent are the engines of efficiency that drive our growth and evolution. 

What is our Company's Vision?

Make Angola one of the main telecommunications hubs in the world.​

Social ​Responsibility

Our submarine cables are placed in the depths of the ocean, where turtles live, in the course of our operations we seek to preserve their precious ecosystems in a responsible and a sustainable way… and to ensure their preservation for the next generations. We continue to play our role in preserve our sea and ocean life, so that species like the Kitabanga turtles can be kept from becoming extinct.​

Angola Cables supports several projects in Angola and Brazil that interconnect with our activity and ecosystem of connecting people across the South Atlantic. We are actively committed to enhancing the growth of disadvantaged children and young people with knowledge and technological experience.

In addition, Angola Cables continues to invest in the protection and conservation of endangered marine species.


Shareholder Structure

ANGOLA CABLES, SA”, is a company incorporated under Angolan law, with its registered office at Rua das Quipacas, Casa n.º 186, Neighborhood and Municipality of Ingombota, Luanda, Angola.​

Our team​

Our sales team is here to help you with your business. ​They develop best solutions and services tailored to the needs of your enterprise or business so that you can achieve your vision and goals. ​


Member of the Board | CCO


Chief Technical Officer

Artur Mendes

VP Sales


Head of Marketing

Frederico Oliveira

Head of Engineering


Head of Commercial

Virgilio ALVES

Head of Customer Care

Sudhir Juggernath

CEO | TelCables South Africa


Head of Commercial | Telcables South Africa

Mahen Naidu

Head of Business Solution | Telcables South Africa

Fernando Fernandes

CEO | TelCables West Africa

Claudio Florindo

CEO |  TelCables Brasil

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