Angola is second country in number of cyber attacks on the continent

Angola is the second country in number of cyber attacks at an African level, which generates negative impacts of around US$2 billion for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the corporate segment, according to information released yesterday by Angola Cables.

The company cited the Cloudflare DDoS report of 2022 as the source of the figures published in a note announcing its participation in FILDA 2022, noting that the attacks are "increasingly volumetric and sophisticated," mostly affecting the financial, government and multimedia sectors.

The debate on this reality has led Angola Cables to take part in the event, where it will hold a lecture on "Surviving cyber-attacks - An urgent decision”.

In the note, Angola Cables said that, given the vulnerability to which several institutions are subject, it will present the Shields2Africa solution, against DDoS (distributed denial of service) cyber-attacks. The solution works as a shield, with automatisms capable of detecting, reporting and mitigating in real time cyber attacks on a global scale, with support for artificial intelligence (AI) as close as possible to the source of the attack.

The Intercontinental Luanda Miramar Hotel is participating for the first time this year in FILDA, to provide the public with event-related offers, eight months after it opened in November last year.

In a note sent to our editors, the unit, which presents itself as "the best business hotel in sub-Saharan Africa," indicates that it will attend FILDA 2022 to reaffirm its focus on the domestic market, with emphasis on the area of events such as personal meetings and the organisation of large conferences in a space with capacity to receive about 800 people.

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