Angola Cables launches digital platform "Clouds2Africa"

"We are putting our network engineering harmonized with a content management solution that has the mission of serving the Angolan market"

Angola Cables recently launched, in Luanda, a digital platform "Clouds2Africa" that will facilitate the processing and storage of data in the cloud, at a low price.

Budgeted at (at least) US$200,000, according to the CEO of Angola Cables, Ângelo Gama, in exclusive statements to Mercado, "Clouds2Africa" is available for small, medium, and large companies whose focus is to grow, reduce costs and localize content in the country.

The advantage of the new digital platform, he explained, is that it can be scalable for companies that extend data to other countries in Africa and the world that benefit from Angola Cables' international connectivity infrastructure.

Ângelo Gama said that the device developed in Angola was safe, flexible, and high performance as it would allow the information of the companies hosted to remain in the country, in line with compliance and data protection rules in force.

After Luanda, Angola Cables will launch "Clouds2Africa" in South Africa, Nigeria, and Brazil. The US dollar will be the reference, but "we will also accept currencies of the countries in which we are associated.

Angola Cables plans, Gama said, to begin the process of expanding the digital platform (developed in the country) in Nigeria, where a new business unit is being set up.

According to Gama, star-ups, SMEs, banks, and oil companies can now count on a provider of cloud computing services, data storage, disaster recovery, backup of application networks in shared environments (fully) anywhere, without investment in equipment or human resources.

The "Clouds2Africa" platform was developed to guarantee access to data in the cloud with the lowest latency, through a pay you grow controlled model (payment in kwanzas as the business grows)

"We are putting our network engineering harmonized with a content management solution that is on a mission to serve the Angolan market."

Angola Cables is a multinational telecommunications, technology, and connections company with offices in more than three countries, five cities and 135 employees from various backgrounds and cultures.

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